Local Economic Development (LED) in North Central Province of Sri Lanka

FSLGA has finalized the Two year program of Local Economic Development (LED) which was implemented on four Local Authorities in North Central Province, Sri Lanka in 2016. Anuradhapura Municipal Council, Nochchiyagama Pradeshiya Sabha, Thamankaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha and Lankapura Pradeshiya Sabha were facilitated under this Project and FSLGA has played a noteworthy role in improving their competences about quality and efficiency of the services bringing to the public. Especially we have paid attention to staff training on Public relation (PR), By-law implementation process, Income generation and financial management. Introducing 10 standard By-Laws related to Economic sustainability in North central province can be recognized as a milestone of this project.

Meanwhile, FSLGA paid attention towards improving economic sustainability of the public who were living in particular areas, with the collaboration of SMEs. Especially, we could develop a community center in Lankapura area as a small Economic hub and this place has allocated to Selling food items and handicrafts produced by women in the area. FSLGA organized some training activities to train small scale fish breeders in Thamankaduwa Locality and they were innovated with new technology. Training unemployed youth as Local tourist guides were another significant activity which FSLGA has completed in Thamankaduwa locality. In Lankapura and Nochchiyagama Localities, Small scale entrepreneurs (i.e. Soap manufacturing, joss-stick and slippers) also were trained with collaboration of VIDATA centers.