about us

our vision

We believe that all local councils to have a unified Voice, and strategy that no one or no place is left behind.

our mission

Serve as a unifying body for Local Authorities
Building coalition of 341 local councils across 9 provinces, we defend the role of Local Councils
in Sri Lanka’s national development policies and international fora.

Raising Awareness
We improve the skills and build capacities of Local Councils.

Providing a forum for collective intelligence
We facilitate knowledge exchange, peer- learning and experimentation of innovative
approaches, maintain the network of Mayors, Chairpersons, Youth and Women

who we are


FSLGA is the National Association for Local Government in Sri Lanka representing the interest of 341 Local Councils, including 24 Municipalities, 41 Urban Councils and 276 Pradeshiya Sabhas (Rural Councils). Established in 2007, and registered as a company limited by Guarantee in September, 2008, FSLGA is a member based, apolitical organization where the membership is held by Local Councils. FSLGA is governed by a Board of Directors of Mayors and Chairperson who are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Board chairpersonship is rotated among Municipalities, Urban Councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas to ensure the equal interest and representation. We are a hub of expertise on Sri Lanka Local Governments and aim at boosting Local Government’s contribution to national development through optimizing service delivery at local levels.


FSLGA ACADEMY was established in 2020, as the research, training and capacity building unit of the Federation. FSLGA ACADEMY is dedicated to conduct research studies to improve the system, practices, knowledge and skills of the elected members and officials attached to the Local Authorities. 

what we do

Strengthening Legal and Policy Framework of LGAs
We work with Local Authorities to support improving the legal and policy framework by assisting the councils to develop by-laws, building capacities of the councils to work within the legal frame work, assisting to formulate council policies, and providing guidance to set up and strengthen the standing and advisory committees in the Local Authorities.

Training and skills building
To improve the capacities of Local Govt. Elected members and officers, FSLGA conduct skills and training programs periodically in Sinhala and Tamil languages. We focus on developing technical knowledge and soft-skills essential for individuals to carry out their work effectively and efficiently.

Publications and Knowledge products
To improve the knowledge we publish books, brochures, videos, and pamphlets on good practices and share with our stakeholders.

Networking, peer-learning, and Exchanges
We maintain the networks of Mayors, Chairpersons, young Councillors, local council members and women councillors and facilitate discussions, knowledge exchanges and peer learnings.

International agenda and corporations.
We have created partnerships with similar institutions to acquire new knowledge and techniques, promote learning exchanges, and share resources.

our team

Project Development and Management

Project development and management explores the potential areas that needs to be supported and strengthened in the Local Authorities, solicit funding and resources, implement projects and programs to support overcoming the identified deficiencies. The project management division constantly monitor the projects with the timeliness, resource allocations, milestone, outputs, and outcomes. Management division work in partnerships with donors and funding organizations, updating the progress and challenges, identifying joint solutions, and meeting the desired objective.

Research & Development

Our research and development team work closely with universities and research organizations in carrying out research to identify gaps and recommendations for improvement. Often the findings of the research and development group will stand as an input to the Project development and management team, to solicit resources for improvement. The team work closely with national and international universities, and Support to implement some of the innovations at practitioner’s levels.

Finance and Administration Department

Finance and Administration department is responsible for funding disbursements, record keeping, execution of agreements and payments, meeting statutory payments, facilitating audits conducted for internal and external purposes, and liaising with external partners to ensure timely provision of financial information jointly with Local Authorities.

Member Services

Member’s services include supporting the networks of the Mayors, Chairpersons and other Political representatives. In addition, the team support the LA leaders to have discussions periodically identify common challenges, linking with support services, organizing meetings and exchanges. This team liaise with external agencies and ministries to implement some of the programs jointly with Local Authorities. Maintaining updated data bases and connecting target groups with external agencies also a service Supported by the department.

Hemanthi Goonasekera

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer

B.K.G. Danapala

Senior Program Manager/Trainer

Perumal Pradeep

Senior Program Manager

Chadini Ramanayake

National Project Coordinator (PMI WILL)

Shehan Chamika de Silva

Program Manager - Legal

R.Iresh Maduranga

Program Manager

Udana Weerasinghe

Udana Weerasinghe

Consultant - Local Governance

Shadan Mohammed

Program Officer


Town Planner/ Program Officer

Sachini Damunugahakumbura

Project Officer

Shehan Tharindhu

Media Officer

Navodya De Silva

Manager Finance and Administration

Chathuri Bhagya

Assistant Manager Finance and Administration

Nelka Chrishanthi

Finance and Administration Officer

Chathuni Bandara

Finance and Administration Assistant

V. Anushini

Program Assistant

Dharshani Abraham

Project Assistant

Govindaraj Dilshan

Project Assistant - Data Entry Operator

Prabhashini Serasinghe

Prabashini Serasinghe

Project Assistant

Sarojini Wijenadhan

Office Assistant

board of directors

FSLGA Chairman

Kahatagasdigiliya Pradsehiya Sabha

FSLGA Honorary General Secretary

Beruwala Urban Council

FSLGA Honorary Treasurer

Gampola Urban Council

FSLGA Vice Chairman (1)

Matara Municipal Council

FSLGA Vice Chairman (2)

Wattegama Urban Council

FSLGA Honorary Vice Secretary

Ratnapura Municipal Council

FSLGA Committee Member

Boralesgamuwa Urban Council

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